Dope Tech: Self-Lacing Nike Mag!

The self-lacing Back to the Future shoes are real!

How to get the Nike Mag:

Behind the scenes:

Video Gear I use:


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  • Future Kids be like " I cant remove my shoe coz It just ran outta battery"

    KeshKesh5 سنوات قبل
    • Same

      Emman OEmman O3 أشهر قبل
    • @Stephen Huntington ye

      BENBEN8 أشهر قبل
    • you can unlace them without power LMAO probably check them out before posting about them ;)

      Stephen HuntingtonStephen Huntington8 أشهر قبل
    • @Victor Jack thank you

      BENBEN8 أشهر قبل
    • Like on cloudy with a chance of meatballs the spray shoe thing yah know?

      Fishy7891Fishy78918 أشهر قبل
  • 2030: *mom where's my wireless charger for the shoes?*

    can we get 6,000 subs with few videos?can we get 6,000 subs with few videos?سنوات قبل
    • More like nuclear battery

      Himanshu VermaHimanshu Vermaسنوات قبل
    • 3000 mom where is the wireless charger to our house

      DestroyerDestroyerسنوات قبل
    • 3000 mom where is the wireless charger to our hous

      DestroyerDestroyerسنوات قبل
    • You don't need a charger if It's wireless *imsert op's pfp*

      TanakaTanakaسنوات قبل
    • @Hotel Trivargo technically the truth

      CriminalDoggoCriminalDoggoسنوات قبل
  • “Hey wanna come over to a party?” “Shit...I would have loved to but i forgot to charge my shoes”

    LexLexسنوات قبل
  • I’m going to cop a pair one day. If not I’ll just make a pair.

    Angel Rose JrAngel Rose Jrسنوات قبل
    • @Red Mane cringe

      KalamariKrusaderKalamariKrusader5 أشهر قبل
    • Or just become the hacksmith and make your own

      Artistic abilitiesArtistic abilities8 أشهر قبل
    • Same

      PerilAidenPerilAiden9 أشهر قبل
    • Cough up $98000 if you want these

      Ben HaighBen Haigh10 أشهر قبل
    • 2016: nah 2017: nah 2018: nah 2019: nah 2020: ok lets put this in youtube recommendations for future references

      Myr RosenMyr Rosenسنوات قبل
  • Fun Fact: The Hacksmith Industries made their own 'Back to the Future' self-lacing shoes *and the hover board*

    • @Jason yes. You can push the button on the side of the shoe. Or connect to your phone with an app. The ones that look like the ones from the movie. Were a limited promotional run. A pair cost around $14,000. The newer ones come in all different variations for different sports and lifestyles ranging from The air huarache to the Jordan and the air max ranging in prices from 350-700 retail

      Torago FlintTorago Flint6 أشهر قبل
    • @Torago Flint also if you look at the 2015 versions ect they are going for 90k

      JasonJason6 أشهر قبل
    • @Torago Flint do the new versions have the auto laces and stuff too?

      JasonJason6 أشهر قبل
    • @Jason 14k. Too rich for my blood atm. But I do own three pairs of the new version. Just under $1000.

      Torago FlintTorago Flint6 أشهر قبل
    • @Torago Flint maybe because the real thing is like 90k lol...

      JasonJason6 أشهر قبل
  • "Can I use your charger?" " No, I'm charging my shoes!"

    Riley AstraRiley Astraسنوات قبل
    • 😹

    • @Gameinations the Nike mags this video is about needs to be charged

      Rick Astley JBRick Astley JBسنوات قبل
    • 2000th like🔥

      RakshithRakshithسنوات قبل
    • im ur 2000th like

      FranzFranzسنوات قبل
    • This channel is propaganda support for Nike scam & spy business.

      Broken GamesBroken Gamesسنوات قبل
  • I’m not paying 90k for two motors on a shoe that’s like $25 worh off in China

    TooSacuyTooSacuyسنوات قبل
    • You’re talking to scalpers trying to resell them for higher prices. Also, I highly doubt those are worth that much.

      SonicExeReaperSonicExeReaper3 أشهر قبل
    • I think I’ll pay 500$ for that.

      n0thingn0thing8 أشهر قبل
    • @MOHAMED OSMAN Well "but" is used for a contradictory thought. But your thought was complentery to mine, so when I saw "but"I thought you were going to say something that condricticts. Lmao.

      ̇̇8 أشهر قبل
    • @MOHAMED OSMANExactly. Why the "but" though? I never opposed that thought, as someone who invests a lot I know that firsthand.

      ̇̇8 أشهر قبل
    • You know 90k is what the original pair went for. These are much, much cheaper.

      Darth Jar JarDarth Jar Jar10 أشهر قبل
  • The fact that he just casually puts them on his feet and walks around is just astonishing

  • When he said "Welcome to 2016" I felt it 😳

    Abdulla IshfaqAbdulla Ishfaqسنوات قبل
  • When something like this is important enough to make production line for, they'll have a wireless charging box/stand they come with.

    Aaron TafariAaron Tafariسنوات قبل
  • But if it runs out of battery... is it stuck on your foot?

    WaterBuffalo6WaterBuffalo62 سنوات قبل
    • 😂

      Ricardo LopezRicardo Lopez19 أيام قبل
    • Lol that's future....we all must get stuck at some point 😂

      Dazzle ClintonDazzle Clintonأشهر قبل
    • you click the red button then loosen it

      Dark WindDark Windسنوات قبل
    • No one just thought about it

      Yaksh PatelYaksh Patelسنوات قبل
    • Even if the battery ran out you can still manually undo it. But still a funny concept, good job fellow comedian

      Sidney GosschalkSidney Gosschalkسنوات قبل
  • Dang. That’s actually pretty cool. If they could add a regenerative system that would make them actually pretty practical. This actually might be the shoes of the future

    A wild Filing cabinetA wild Filing cabinetسنوات قبل
  • I'm impressed they bravely put lights in the shoe. Everyone knows we want our light up sneakers back we wore when we were 5, but it's a thin line to wear them as an adult without looking stupid/childish. They found a way to make it look cool and mature.

    Mini WolfsbaneMini Wolfsbaneسنوات قبل
  • Holy crap those are nice for my school shopping I’m going to ask my parents if they’ll get them for me!😂😂

    Demon PopperDemon Popperسنوات قبل
  • Question: are they still produced today?

    Erick YanErick Yanسنوات قبل
  • 2030: "Hey mum, where did you leave my shoe charger!!?"

    G. U . MG. U . M2 سنوات قبل
    • In ten years, we’ll probably have wireless pads in our doorways that charge our self-tying shoes.

      The Immortal Sun-kunThe Immortal Sun-kun8 أشهر قبل
    • G. U . M 2020!!

      Alen BoudreauAlen Boudreauسنوات قبل
    • i think that’s actually accurate.

      balancedbalancedسنوات قبل
    • "it's the same as ur phone usb c charger so I am charging my phone"

      Shady MelloShady Melloسنوات قبل
    • Made it 4k

  • i have always wanted these shoes they look so cool

    YeaMitsYeaMitsسنوات قبل
  • Marty: Hey, I've seen this one before!! Everyone: What do you mean, it's brand new

    unique cloneunique cloneسنوات قبل
  • I can’t tie my laces, so this would be a great pair of shoes for me!

    The Immortal Sun-kunThe Immortal Sun-kun8 أشهر قبل
  • You know something next level technology when you have to charge it

    Yahye DhaqaneYahye Dhaqane5 أشهر قبل
  • I never thought i’m gonna charge my shoes like a smartphone🤦🏻‍♂️

    Rishad KamalRishad Kamalسنوات قبل
  • Well, they should have tech in there that converts your walking energy into a charge to make the shoes power last longer....

    Myr RosenMyr Rosenسنوات قبل
  • If self lacing shoes are high tech, how futuristic would you consider slip-ons?

    InsertWittyChannelName HereInsertWittyChannelName Hereسنوات قبل
  • i miss those old times. back to the future was a great movie. they should do a sequel! back to the future 4

    sanakiyamam1987sanakiyamam19879 أشهر قبل
  • 2034 : Mommy my stomach hurts Mom : it's all because of that damn shoe


      Zara NasirZara Nasirسنوات قبل
    • whenever I say my stomach hurts, head hurts, hands hurt, etc. my mom says it's the computer, phone, or Xbox lol.

      Andrea MacDonaldAndrea MacDonaldسنوات قبل
    • my pareents dont do this is that wierd?

      Ethan AugustineEthan Augustineسنوات قبل
    • @Besty ok thanx

      Kungfu ck PandaKungfu ck Pandaسنوات قبل
    • @Kungfu ck Panda You know how when someone says something like my head hurts, the mother says "it's all because of that damn phone"

      BestyBestyسنوات قبل
  • I would use this shoe everyday, E V E R Y D A Y

    my name is Bumblebeemy name is Bumblebeeسنوات قبل
  • Does anyone think these shoes would be perfect to be charged by movement like those high-end watches?

    Kartik IyerKartik Iyerسنوات قبل
  • What is the point of this when Velcro was invented ages ago 😂

    Adeel TahirAdeel Tahirسنوات قبل
    • cause velcro looks horrible

      Water GodWater God7 أشهر قبل
    • Velcro is lame this is dope

      xLithePantherxLithePanther8 أشهر قبل
    • Velcro stops working

    • Laces like better than velcro straps

      H4ck3rH4ck3rسنوات قبل
    • For novelty and to raise funds

      Kasvini MuniandyKasvini Muniandyسنوات قبل
  • That shoe must be having a blast. It screams "woooooooo!"

    AJAJسنوات قبل
  • The real question is Does it have a headphone jack?

    Extern XelsExtern Xels5 سنوات قبل
    • Does is scratch at a level 6 with deeper grooves at a level 7

      AarzekAarzekسنوات قبل
    • Fal

      MejjiMejji2 سنوات قبل
    • It might

      bubba Manuel06bubba Manuel062 سنوات قبل
    • Or Bluetooth

      TRKISH324TRKISH3242 سنوات قبل
    • Airpods duhh

      Levi R07Levi R072 سنوات قبل
  • Good part: it’s amazing and well designed Bad part: it’s a shoe

    Kile 336Kile 33611 أشهر قبل
  • Okk, one of my favorite movies is Back to The Future and this really made my day 💖💖❤️

    astaf1reastaf1reسنوات قبل
    • Me too

      Philip BarronPhilip Barronسنوات قبل
    • Same

      Jet YuJet Yuسنوات قبل
    • Finally, a Back to the Future comment

      unique cloneunique cloneسنوات قبل
  • Amazing work !!

    Kalab Templeman Vlogs & TechKalab Templeman Vlogs & Techسنوات قبل
  • I would of never thought that i would be plugging my shoes in the wall to charge them

    PrehistoricAlgorithmPrehistoricAlgorithmسنوات قبل
  • So sick! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Jonathan MorrisonJonathan Morrison5 سنوات قبل
    • سلام

      Najib KarimiNajib Karimi4 سنوات قبل
    • Right! It made me throw up!

      EndorionEndorion4 سنوات قبل
    • Delete !!!

      Bill BuffettBill Buffett5 سنوات قبل
    • It will probably get better since it's the first edition

      Guy TamarGuy Tamar5 سنوات قبل
    • Attention More

      staysicstaysic5 سنوات قبل
  • Imagine one day, they wont stop tightening

    RammingTimeRammingTimeسنوات قبل
  • Yo i would buy this sneaker if it would make you fly 90x high that would be awesome 💯👊

    john doejohn doeسنوات قبل
  • Well done Nike ! For once, those choos are almost 100 % made by adults, in normal labour conditions, in US soil (I guess) ! Kudos ! Chinede and indian kids may call out for a strike because you've taken their jobs away...

    IxonIxonسنوات قبل
  • If i got them id wear them the rest of my life every second

    MorrisMorrisسنوات قبل
  • "I don't know If anyone would wear these day to day if they got them." That's just it. NOBODY IS GONNA PAY FOR THESE SHOES

    Bird Boi Cyrus TBird Boi Cyrus Tسنوات قبل
  • Those are cool as hell!!!

    Danish 853Danish 853سنوات قبل
  • I can't wait to use this as an excuse when mom tells me to take out the trash "hold on mom my shoes are charging"

    TGNTGNسنوات قبل
  • Wanted some cools shoes so I was looking around today, saw these and was interested. NOT SPENDING $65,000 DOLLARS ON THEM THOUGH-

    Paige M.Paige M.11 أشهر قبل
  • Can you generate energy with pressure? If so what are some existing tech they could add to this shoe? Maybe that way batteries won't be needed. Since walking generates motion and force, maybe future versions of this shoe can take on an innovative twist?

    Dinuka JayDinuka Jay5 سنوات قبل
    • Dinster Vlogs dude create it but once yours shoes hit the market don’t let them exceed 200$ lol or I ain’t buying

      Austin SquiresAustin Squires2 سنوات قبل
    • I agree. They can make them charge with movement as a secondary charge, after initially being charged

      SdotmillionsSdotmillions2 سنوات قبل
    • I liked that idea

      PLEXER 13PLEXER 133 سنوات قبل
    • This could and should be done.

      RaytheonGaming ☑RaytheonGaming ☑3 سنوات قبل
    • What that walking can charge a battery 😂😂

      Deadchannel69Deadchannel694 سنوات قبل
  • Those are some cool shoes I would kill for those

    ELCUH_ AlexisELCUH_ Alexisسنوات قبل
  • So this where humans are at now... shoes that need charging.

    Sam HsiaoSam Hsiaoسنوات قبل
    • @FreeRangeLemon i dont think you read the comment he said humans

      xMerk—xMerk—سنوات قبل
    • Rage Quit ok then. Australia is the best country in the world.

      Sam HsiaoSam Hsiaoسنوات قبل
    • Rage Quit i dont think u live in the same country as me lol

      Sam HsiaoSam Hsiaoسنوات قبل
    • Dr. Lemonseed which country is that

      Sam HsiaoSam Hsiaoسنوات قبل
    • Dude we have to continue to cement our place as the best country in the world.

      FreeRangeLemonFreeRangeLemonسنوات قبل
  • 2020: Still waiting for the MAG shoes!

    Prasenjit DebroyPrasenjit Debroyسنوات قبل
  • these are clunky AF but the lace tying thing does make sense it wouldnt surprise me if eventually will make self lacing but more sleeker

    DeadSilent87DeadSilent87سنوات قبل
  • Need wireless charging to charge over night. A charging pad to place the shoe on will make it a whole lot easier to handle.

    S. T. A. K.S. T. A. K.سنوات قبل
  • Woah I remember when this video had just come out. I can't believe it's been 4 years!

    Victor HopewaveVictor Hopewaveسنوات قبل
  • Nike:these shoes are expensive Mr.Beast:Hold my Other 200 pairs of Nike Mags

    Joshie BoiJoshie Boiسنوات قبل
  • I would wear this all day

    XxozzykhixXXxozzykhixXسنوات قبل
  • Me: Yo where the outlet at? Friend: Over there, why you gotta charge your phone? Me: Nah needa charge my shoes real quick.

    The Man With A PlanThe Man With A Plan5 سنوات قبل
    • Daniel “why you gotta charge your phone?” Bro, you would want to charge it because it’s dying....doesn’t make sense

      ashash2 سنوات قبل
    • @Valentinooo r/idkimnotenglishbutithoughtchoosingbeggaristhesameasregularbeggar

      Cool BearCool Bear2 سنوات قبل
    • Cool Bear how is being a choosing beggar? He’s just being a regular beggar

      ValentinoooValentinooo2 سنوات قبل
    • @Presley Grahek r/choosingbeggars

      Cool BearCool Bear2 سنوات قبل
    • I’ll get these just to say that 😂

      SamSam2 سنوات قبل
  • I'll look like a cartoon wearing these outside 😂

    chng'echng'eسنوات قبل
  • So if u run out of charge while wearing them do you have to wait til it's charged to take it off?

    Lena CourtneyLena Courtneyسنوات قبل
  • Think they should make it like solar powered, while you walking outside its charging instead of charging it all day and everyday

    ItxKylerYTItxKylerYTسنوات قبل
  • Them self lacing kicks are stylish enough to wear a tuxedo with!

    UrbanSipflyUrbanSipflyسنوات قبل
  • "Leave your shoes at the door" Kid: "I can't the battery is dead"

    Jamie JohnsonJamie Johnson2 سنوات قبل
    • Nice profile pic.👍

      The LegendThe Legendسنوات قبل
    • I guess the kid has to stand at the door all day

      CryoqCryoqسنوات قبل
  • How about a shoe that can morph into a running shoe or street shoe so you don't have to buy so many pairs?

    Saurabh ShahSaurabh Shahسنوات قبل
  • Props to nike for modeling it after the bttf self lacing shoes.

    FuzeFuze10 أشهر قبل
  • By 2020 we’re having flying cars 2020: cant walk need to charge my shoes

    Donovan FloresDonovan Floresسنوات قبل
  • Imagine telling your grand children that back in the day you had to learn to tie your laces

    adolph graciusadolph graciusسنوات قبل
  • Marques keep up the good work but how much did these cost

    Leronroopnarine333Leronroopnarine3339 أشهر قبل
  • Imagine walking around with those shoes and someone walks up to you and decides to rob you, and you have no choice but to give them a 90,000 dollar shoe.

    AR3S_ ChaosAR3S_ Chaosسنوات قبل
  • Bro the Air Mags are so nice!

    Zhyon Wainwright-CookZhyon Wainwright-Cookسنوات قبل
  • These are just incredible

    Will FashionWill Fashion10 أشهر قبل
  • Well, they should have tech in there that converts your walking energy into a charge to make the shoes power last longer....

    Brett FrazierBrett Frazierسنوات قبل
    • Actually, the walking energy is used to oppose the frictional force on the ground which is in the opposite direction and im sure u have heard that "energy cannot be created nor destroyed" if there was no frictional energy opposing u , u wouldnt be able to walk

      Scratch squirrelScratch squirrelسنوات قبل
    • Oh shoot, my shoes are stuck in my feet coz they ran outta charge Go have a lil walk to the park

      Mvn_Mvn_سنوات قبل
    • yeah piezoelectric power makes hella more sense than charging things like that

      DrakeRedwingOfficialDrakeRedwingOfficialسنوات قبل
    • Pads that power things from walking on them do exist. When used they put them in high traffic areas, so theoretically it could work :$

      FreeRangeLemonFreeRangeLemonسنوات قبل
    • @Caroline H true

      nelly hidalgonelly hidalgoسنوات قبل
  • Technology is the new thing for shoes now

    Dry IceDry Iceسنوات قبل
  • Can't wait to have someone say: *awww man I forgot to plug in my shoes last night*

    Dirty DanDirty Danسنوات قبل

    Hi it’s MarcHi it’s Marcسنوات قبل
  • At least now I can do a double backflip without my shoes flying out and I can also do my flips like a SAVAGE

    Favour E. ChuckwemekaFavour E. Chuckwemekaسنوات قبل
  • I will wait until it come as a package with flying hover board 😂😂😂

    RealBoxRealBoxسنوات قبل
  • It's good for today's generation, , since tying shoelaces is hard work and takes so much skill!!!...if the power went out we would have a planet full of people who can't even wipe their own ass!!!!!

    Angela LeeAngela Leeسنوات قبل
  • i would totaly wear those all day

    Xurrid GamesXurrid Gamesسنوات قبل
  • it would be really cool if those shoes could come anywhere like iron man

    komandur koushikkomandur koushikسنوات قبل
  • Sorry man but I can't go outside when it's raining... My shoes might die

    whatsopanimewhatsopanime2 سنوات قبل
    • Didn't know that big mon liker nikes

      JackiezackJackiezackسنوات قبل
    • whatsopanime sucribete ami canal

      Anuel AA naciónAnuel AA naciónسنوات قبل
    • My shoes might electrocute me.

      byteresistorbyteresistorسنوات قبل
    • They are actually water proof

      El ChechoEl Chechoسنوات قبل
    • @anime fanner 4 real nobody gives a shit what u tell here go cry to your family not here.

      Albin RekaAlbin Rekaسنوات قبل
  • Yeah this is a great idea but I want this to be on every shoe not just one campaniles

  • I would wear them all the time

    Jai MorrisJai Morrisسنوات قبل
  • I would wear them all the time

    Yeahboyy467 Channel twoYeahboyy467 Channel twoسنوات قبل
  • Need to be water proof stain resistance and built in Al for finding your way when walking. For example your in the woods you get lost the AI guidance system would assist you.

    Ervin LAYErvin LAY5 أشهر قبل
  • I remember watching this video back in 2016, why are we all getting this recommended in 2019?

    Drag0nMagicDrag0nMagic2 سنوات قبل
    • Yes but I got it recommended in 2020

      Kojo KincaideKojo Kincaideسنوات قبل
    • This is true tho

      Ace ReduxAce Reduxسنوات قبل
    • 2020

      Darwin WattersonDarwin Wattersonسنوات قبل
    • Idk

      Elkan JulianElkan Julianسنوات قبل
    • Ikr

      DSI - FilmsDSI - Filmsسنوات قبل
  • imagine you wear this in the NBA then while someone's free throwing, you flex your self-lacing shoes

    KhaosKhaosسنوات قبل
  • That is my dream shoe😀

    EliteEliteسنوات قبل
  • Imagine in 50 years we will look back on this like it was the weirdest thing, especially if there are new versions.

    Nellie TaylorNellie Taylorسنوات قبل
  • Oh wow , combination of shoes , motors and sensors are futuristic and hi-tech 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    CascitoCascitoسنوات قبل
  • 1985: "In the future we will have self-lacing shoes!" 2016: *_(Actual self-lacing shoes)_*

    Just Some Girl With A MustacheJust Some Girl With A Mustache2 سنوات قبل
    • We really needed to solve the shoe lace problem. We gotta invent self eating food too. Eating food is such a big problem in modern day society, just like shoelaces. We gotta fix these problems

      m bm bسنوات قبل
    • Humans finally got something right.

      Nicholas GichiniNicholas Gichiniسنوات قبل
    • that's rare

      worningmoodworningmoodسنوات قبل
    • 1985:happy time noise

      Speed StrikerSpeed Striker2 سنوات قبل
    • Though it is a self-fulfilling prophecy at work here.

      xunk16xunk162 سنوات قبل
  • There is difference between saving time and being lazy AF.

    Kalyan CherukuruKalyan Cherukuruسنوات قبل
    • or being complicated

      Aesthetics VibesAesthetics Vibes11 أشهر قبل
    • I think its jus a lil reference to Back To The Future or for collectors.

      YBR TritonYBR Tritonسنوات قبل
    • Nah I just don't know how to lace my shows I just cant do it

      ahmed4363ahmed4363سنوات قبل
    • True

      Green CheeseGreen Cheeseسنوات قبل
  • See if self tying shoes were more affordable I think they would be a hit

    AirPodUser223AirPodUser223سنوات قبل
  • Damn, now we to lazy to tie our own shoes. Can't wait to tell the next generation that we had to tie them ourselves at one point.

    Curtis MackCurtis Mackسنوات قبل
  • the intro is sooo fire ❤❤

    kris_bkris_b10 أشهر قبل
  • They need to increase the speed of tightening like the movie :)

    Omar MohamedOmar Mohamed5 سنوات قبل
    • Omar Mohamed ik

      s6iyans6iyan4 سنوات قبل
    • The first cellphone was revolutionary and changed so much about how we live. This is just combining technology that already exists and isn't going to change much so it should already work well.

      TheSlimyDogTheSlimyDog5 سنوات قبل
    • Fuck that, they need to increase the stock of these. I haven't waited all my life just for that "limited to 89 pairs, US & CA only" bullshit!

      EcholyktuzEcholyktuz5 سنوات قبل
    • Omar Mohamed check me vids out please

      Aaronss WorldAaronss World5 سنوات قبل
    • It's more like the first kind of 'cellphone', a telephone you can carry everywhere, it was a breakthrough of its era. Nike Mag isn't in the age of 'smartphone' yet.

      Rolando MichaelRolando Michael5 سنوات قبل
  • Let's take a moment and appreciate the Nike team for this Osum product But I still like to lace my laces with my raw hand 🤜🤛

    HiteshHitesh6 أشهر قبل
  • Y’all remember Disney Lab Rats and in s1 Mr. Davenport created shoes like these that gave you jump boost and Leo used them so he can win but Trevor stole them from Chase and then Chase made a remote that controlled the shoes so Trevor wouldn’t still win. Good times.

    AndrewTREAndrewTREسنوات قبل
  • It's been 4 years and I still want those shoes

    hassan Khanhassan Khanسنوات قبل
    • Lol

      HassaanLazar YTHassaanLazar YTسنوات قبل
  • In the future when everyone wear their chargeable shoes i'd proudly rock my goth creepers

    WisnuWisnu11 أشهر قبل
  • You cannot wear these in public in America without at least 2 bodyguards

    RelaxationRelaxation5 سنوات قبل
    • Just carry a gun.

      Fabi SZNFabi SZN5 سنوات قبل
    • LMAO!!! Click-Clack-Boom....

      Captain DiasporaCaptain Diaspora5 سنوات قبل
    • Yes, you can wear them in public, its called "The Glock 22", this hand held device can eliminate any threat.

      ArMK18ArMK185 سنوات قبل
    • Chiffbreeeerggp Dawg

      nuccio casellanuccio casella5 سنوات قبل
    • If your in the hood, make that 5-6...

      ExtraCashExtraCash5 سنوات قبل
  • I would wear them everyday

    Cael CarrascoCael Carrascoسنوات قبل
  • Me in 2035: Back in my day we had to tie our shoe leashes

    SPY -DSPY -Dسنوات قبل
  • Friends: Hey, wanna hang out? Me: sorry i can't. My shoes ran out of battery.

    GD EnnerGD Ennerسنوات قبل
  • but if it runs out of battery... is it stuck on your foot?

    Completely MythicalCompletely Mythicalسنوات قبل