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  • 2022 this phone is still running smooth on iOS 15

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  • Bruh I'm a Samsung user but bought an ipad to draw and I've been trying to modify that dang ugly layout for hours lmao. Idk why they couldn't make it simpler

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  • I've had a zf2 for 18 months and it's clear the fold is splitting on the big screen through normal use, Samsung won't replace it because there is a crack on the camera lens on the back of the phone! Want £600 off me for a new screen when it's deteriorated, within its warranty period, through normal use. Clearly they don't stand the test of time, be very careful.

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  • Did billgates actually created Covid-19

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  • You forgot to say they shrink the notch at iPhone 13. :)

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  • I've had a zf2 for 18 months and it's clear the fold is splitting on the big screen through normal use, Samsung won't replace it because there is a crack on the camera lens on the back of the phone! Want £600 off me for a new screen when it's deteriorated, within its warranty period, through normal use. Clearly they don't stand the test of time, be very careful.

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  • Five years later, I'm so in love with this design that I'm lieu of an updated unit, I'm considering getting a Priv 1 cheap on eBay and loading a modern Android version. So cool.

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  • Coming from a pixel 3, the pixel 6 speakers suck real bad

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  • Beautiful. I have the same backpack, except for the MKBHD logo of course, and I love it and use it daily because it's an everyday backpack :-)

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  • A 2x4 isn't 2inchs by 4inches. The lies are everywhere.... EVERYWHERE!!!!

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  • Combustion vehicles have something called transmission that multiply torque and reduce angular speed in output. Tesla Roadster should still have 1 Gear ratios that puts out 10,000Nm but if you do some math considering the first gear ratios in a CV, you will figure out that 10,000Nm is not a really big number or at least not something out of this world. Still love the Roadster vibe

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  • A few issues with it but I still like it. Have previously used the Samsung Note 8, S10, and now I'm currently using the S21+ and Sony Xperia 1 III concurrently. Always loved the 21:9 aspect ratio and was considering the Xperia 1 II 2 years back, but held off for the Mk III for it's 70mm to 105mm upgrade. The Mk III is a good phone and I prefer it over my S21+ (mainly because I'm bored of Samsung) and the Sony phone is vastly different than any other Android phone on the market, but there are some issues with it which many reviewers do not cover (basically most or all of the reviews on AR-too). #1: Camera Eye / Face Lock On Basically the AF and lock-on are good, and the 20fps with re-autofocus is working well. But I've found that in certain instances, the face / eye lock on and tracking do not focus correctly. When the option for this is enabled, the camera can detect my dog's eye 100% of the time, but does not focus on the eye.... It focues on his snout or nose. This causes the image to be visibly out of focus. However, turning the eye / face lock on feature off, and simply tapping on my dog's face solves this issue. Also, the object tracking works well too! #2: Camera 20FPS As said earlier, the 20FPS works well and the re-autofocus does work too. However, in the default auto mode (meaning in BASIC mode), when using 20FPS, the shutter is definitely too slow for medium to fast moving objects (such as a dog walking at normal speeds in good lighting conditions like in a living room). This holds true for humans as well. Basically, the images will turn out blurry because the shutter speed was kept slow (1/40 to 1/80) while keeping a low ISO too. This is not an issue in absolutely bright conditions like at a dog park with direct sunlight, but anything else and the phone will revert to prefer a slower shutter speed to keep the ISO low. For an average user, this would be an issue, but having some experience using manual mode on DSLRs, this slow shutter issue can be avoided by using the phone's MANUAL mode and setting the ISO and Shutter Speed manually while enabling 20FPS. However, it is understandable that the masses may find this tedious or too complex for smartphone photography. #3 Camera - Videography and Cinema Pro [Basic Camera Mode - Not Cinema Pro] One issue I found the most irritating is the fact that when taking a video using the front facing camera, you cannot swipe / toggle to the back camera like how you can do on any Samsung phone. If you're taking a video using the front camera, that's the only camera you can use, and the same thing goes for the back cameras. Furthermore, when taking a video using the back cameras, regardless of whatever resolution you choose (4k, 1080 60, 1080, 720), you can't switch cameras while recording. I know for a fact that this is possible on my old Samsung S10 (only in FHD - definitely not possible in 4K 60), but at least they had the option to switch cameras while recording). Also, while the Mk III can clearly record in 4K up to 120FPS, the option is not available in BASIC mode (the default camera application). It only offers a max of 4K 30FPS (or something, but definitely not 60FPS). To use 4K 60FPS or 120FPS, you have to use the Cinema Pro application. More on that below. [Cinema Pro] On a side not, I find their menu system weird for a smartphone. For instance, everything starts with a project. To create a video, a project has to be opened first. If certain settings change, a new project may have to be opened. An example: using the 24mm lens with 4K 60FPS, a project is created. Using another lens, another project has to be created, using a different frame rate, a project has to be created, and it continues. However, as good as the ability to record in 4K 60FPS or 120FPS is, the Cinema Pro application is basically useless for the main reason that ISO CANNOT BE ADJUSTED ONCE YOU START RECORDING. I own a Sony A7 and I play around with the video mode sometimes. I know that during recording, it's mainly the ISO that's adjusted to compensate for different lighting conditions on the fly (not shutter or aperture). In Cinema Pro's case, since ISO AND SHUTTER SPEED cannot be adjusted once records starts, you're basically fixed with one exposure. If you're outside and point to the sky, you're basically stuck with a blown out screen. If you're indoors and point to a darker place, you're stuck with underexposed frames. That being said, unless I'm in an environment with consistent lighting, I'm stuck with the BASIC default app and limited to either 4K 30FPS, or 1080 60FPS (I normally stick with the 1080 60). #4 General Usage I'm quite sure it's because of the screen, but the phone gets hot, really hot. Compared to the same tasks on my S21+, the Sony definitely gets way hotter then it should. I attribute this to the 888 chip as well but who knows. Things like Lightroom, transferring files to the SD card, AR-too, Facebook, etc. Also, just to add on the burst photos with 20FPS. When viewing them using Google photos (the default photo viewer), there's a bug with scrolling between the bursts. This is prominent with bursts of 20 images, or 100 images. But it's a small issue. Also, with the attributes about the camera mentioned above, using the Pro mode for everything photography related really brings out the best of the cameras, albeit 12 megapixels. Having a steady hand helps too, seeing as for most shots, there's a weird issue that the phone predere long exposure times for images that are clearly in daytime. Maybe it's related to the fact that there is no dedicated night mode or for HDR, and that the phone auto detects the scene you're in. Basically expect long exposure times when there shouldn't be any. Just to add, in night mode, with a steady hand, the images are as good as those on my S21+ with its 64 megapixel sensor. One thing I have to give credit to is the colour accuracy of the phones cameras. Compared to Samsung and Iphones (both old and new), this is by far the most accurate representation of the original scene. Grass looks like grass at the dog park (on the Samsung, its always oversaturated). One other thing, their flashlight is oddly not at it's brightest setting and this cannot be adjusted by the user.... Finally, and weirdly enough, there's no option to turn Fast Charging off..... I don't like to fast charge my phones because I like them to stay away from heat as much as possible, so I have no choice but to use a slow charger (5V 1A or 1.5A). Overall, I still appreciate something different as compared to Samsung's UI. This phone has many issues which I believe are software related (toggle 120HRZ, toggle night mode, toggle front/back camera while recording, toggle fast charging, toggle NFC on/off, toggle flashlight brightness, etc). As for their hardware, it's almost perfect. All that they're missing is a configurable extra button (currently the Google assistant button is fixed) and higher megapixels on all cameras. With all it's shortcomings, I'm still using this as the daily driver over my S21+ (the S21+ is a damn good phone fyi. It's really refined - better screen, better camera in most cases, etc).

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  • AR-toors better not be the cause of edge screens to go away 😡 they are way too beautiful to let them go I swear I'll figure out hacking and delete their accounts

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  • Please do a video like this about all major Android line smartphones!

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  • oneplus be like:🗿

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  • I like how you don’t call out companies for actual lies besides xiaomi and huawei. Gotta keep those review units coming in eh?

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  • How do u like it? Do u think hydrogen cars would be better in your opinion?

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  • I watch all your videos this was one of the best for info 2 thumbs up I will be waiting to get my first EV bang for the Buck is not thereyet

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  • Certainly ready for Apple's VR headset + Apple car which will be a HUGE game changer and their stock share price will soon be reflective of it and as for TSLA.. let's just keep on the bandwagon, the leader in the EV industry... Yes, I am excited for 2022 and beyond!

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  • We all using 12mp😂😂

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  • one issue i faced was Adapter

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  • my good old game i used to break in anger and again buy it

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  • I cant wait!

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  • Another lie from tech companies that seems to fly under the radar is the "x nm" process for silicon dies. It often fools tech reviewers enough to state that one chip is better because it uses a 5nm node size rather than the 7nm node size of another chip. The node size has absolutely zero bearing on the physical feature size of a chip, it's a version number and nothing more. What's even worse is that one company's 7nm process will be completely different than another's 10nm, the 10nm process may even be better for performance.

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  • I definitely think it's overpriced but I have just picked one up for £550 and at that price it's an awesome deal

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  • I have a Soviet ZENIT and SMIENA and a lot of retro equipment from Poland and the USSR. I can lend you to record the episode.

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  • Short bed though, boooo

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  • Marques should’ve mentioned no other car company rates 0-60 with rollout, in fact they give a conservative estimate so people are more impressed when it gets measured by a 3rd party. My mom’s M5 Competition hits 0-60 in 2.7 which is much faster than BMW even claims. Tesla is a slimy company.

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